I look at the mountains, and the mountains looking at me, and for a long time we gaze, not bothering each other.
- Lee Bo

Trekking in the Fan Mountains, climbing the peak Energia (5120m) and Chimtarga (5489m).

fanns Days 1,2: Arrival in Dushanbe.
Day 3: Dushanbe-base Artouch (2200m)
Day 4: Base Artuch - base Artuсh-Kulikalon Lakes (2800m).
Day 5: Kulikalon Lakes - Chukurak Pass (3165m) - Dushokha Lake (3000m).
Day 6: Dushokha Lake (3000m) - Alouddin Pass (3800m) - Alouddin Lake (2750m).
Day 7: Alouddin lakes - Lake Mutnoe (3500m).
Day 8: Mutnoe lake - under the pass of Chimtarga (4500).
Day 9: Climbing the summit. Energy (5120m) - the Zindon Gorge (3700m).
Day 10: Zindon Gorge of the Mirali Pass (4650m).
Day 11: Transfer of Mirali - the top of Chimtarga (5489m) - Zindon Gorge.
Day 12: A spare day in case of no weather.
Day 13: Descent to the Bolshoi Allo lake (3150m).
Day 14: Lake Big Allo - Lake. Small Allo (2340m) - the river Amshut.
Day 15: The river Amshut-Dushanbe .
Day 16: Seeing off.
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Program that gives chance to climb Mayakovskiy peak

20150123060534106.jpgAscension to Mayakovskiy peak (6096 m) one of the most beautiful peaks Southwestern Pamir (range Shakhdarya, Tajikistan) . Classical and easiest routes, ice axes, crampons and special equipment for climbing (plastic boots, warm sleeping bags and etc.

Hikers can also explore the ancient fortress , hot springs and other attractions of the Wakhan Valley as ancient culture , traditions and hospitality of the locals in the Gorno-Badakhshan - one of the mountain people in the world.
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Lenin Peak Expedition

Situated in the Pamirs on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan, close to the borders with China and Afghanistan, Lenin Peak is one of only five 7000 meter peaks in the former USSR. At 7134 meters it is the third highest, the others being Peak Communism (7495m) and Korzhenevsky (7105m), both in the Pamirs, and Peak Pobeda (7,439m) and Khan Tengri (7010m) in the Tien Shan. To climb all five admits you to the elite group of Russian climbers known as Snow Leopards. Lenin Peak is considered the most accessible 7000-meter mountain. There is a high way going almost to the foot of the peak. Also Lenin Peak by the normal Razdelny route is practically no technical climbing involved.
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Pamir(trekking) under the peak Marks and Engles

Day 1/2 Meeting at the airport of Dushanbe at 03:20 (850-1000m).
Day 3 Transfer from Dushanbe through Kulyab to the Village of Kalaykhumb
Day 4 Transfer Kalaykhumb-Khorog via Rushan village.
Day 5 Trekking (10 km, 5-6 hrs, +430m)
Day 6 Trekking (6 km, 4-5 hrs, ±600m)
Day 7 Trekking (10 km, 6-7 hrs, +600m)
Day 8 Trekking (16 km, 6-7 hrs, +318m, -218m)
Day 9 Trekking (10 km, 5-6 hrs, -200m, +200m)
Day 10 Trekking (10 km, 4-5 hrs, +350m)
Day 11 Early in the morning breakfast, climb to the top of Langar
Day 12 Trekking from Bachor pasture - Down to the fork lake Yaschilkul.
Day 13 Transfer from lake Yaschilkul-Bulunkul village – Khargush pass
Day 14 Trekking (10 km, 5-6 hrs, +1200m)
Day 15 Trekking (10 km, 4-5 hrs, -1200m)
Day 16 Transfer Langar village – Yamg village (2650 m).
Day 17 Transfer Ishkashim – Khorog (100 km, 5-6 hrs).
Day 18 Transfer Khorog - Kalaykhumb
Day 19 Transfer Kalaykhumb – Kulyab – Dushanbe
Day 20 Departure for airport.
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